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Lundin Norway celebrates 15 years on the Norwegian shelf

We have challenged established truths from the very beginning, ever since we were a small oil company in 2004. This has yielded results that are the stuff of dreams.

When Lundin Norway was started by a group of seasoned exploration experts, the Utsira High was the first area that was square in their sights. An area where wells have been drilled since the 1960s, which most others had written off. But the Lundin entrepreneurs refused to give up. They cracked a geological code which led to discoveries including Edvard Grieg and Johan Sverdrup.

Now we have become a significant player and a full-fledged operating company on the Norwegian shelf. Our own Edvard Grieg platform is one of the most modern in the world, and is currently in its fourth straight year of maximum production.

Value creation for the greater good

This autumn, production will start from the gigantic Johan Sverdrup field. The field is among the five largest oil fields on the Norwegian shelf, and it will be one of the most important industrial projects in Norway for the next 50 years. Development and operation will generate substantial revenues; in fact, more than one thousand billion Norwegian kroner; as well as jobs throughout the country. Because the oil and gas resources on the Norwegian shelf belong to the entire Norwegian society. The job of the oil companies is to find and produce these resources safely and efficiently. Lundin’s activity contributes to make Norway one of the world’s best countries to live in.

Developing the oil industry

Our 15 years on the Norwegian shelf have demonstrated that we are a player that can be trusted. And we are ready for what comes next. Our employees are enthusiasts, all 400 or so of them. Yes, we like to call ourselves nerds, and to continue to challenge the establishment. Every day when we go to work, we are aiming to develop the company even further, and to help craft an oil and gas industry equipped for the future. This is how we have made achievements such as developing ground-breaking seismic technology that will help us decipher new geological puzzles, also in the Barents Sea. We have proven that we take our coexistence with our surroundings very seriously, with comprehensive environmental monitoring and seabed surveys that go far beyond what is expected of us. We are gearing up for the future by being among the world’s foremost champions of using new technology and digital solutions. The job we are doing and the values we are creating in Lundin Norway are not just important for us, but for a greater common purpose.